Fourth Annual back To School Eastside Day Event

Eastside Day was created by Eastside Houma own native Barney Celestin & Ben Adams to help give back into a community he dearly loves.

The EASTSIDE is the most poverty stricken side of Houma La being that it is an oil and gas capital of the United States. Growing up as a kid in Houma I wasn’t blessed with the best clothes or shoes and in 2001 I thought that would change when the parish changed the dress code to uniforms. Everything should have been good being the fact that all kids wore the same clothes, however that was not the case considering that uniforms are cheaper than buying regular clothes. One of the difficulties most families had were depending on their taxes every year to be able to get what’s needed for their kids like school uniforms and brand new supplies. This is where Eastside Day comes into effect; I plan to donate uniforms and school supplies to 200 kids in his community. The event will consist live entertainment, free food and activities from 11am-2pm.

Having to witness a complete stranger buy me a uniform because my Mom and Father were victims of poverty it made my take whole new prospective on my life, my family and the lives of other. Having to wear the same uniform for  4 months of school (5 days a week) is something that in my heart I cannot see no other child have to live through.

Eastside was the place that made me the man I am now, someone who understands and cares about the kids in the communitiesfirst day of school feel to run through their body and make them feel they can conquer any obstacles in life.
The second annual Giveaway will be September 5th 2020 from 11-2.

2 thoughts on “Fourth Annual back To School Eastside Day Event

  1. Mr. Barney, what you are doing to give back to the community of Houma for the back to school drive, shows that your heart is definitely in the right place. I wish there were more like you that would not only give back to their community but also making the youth aware that “The sky is the limit”, they are our future and we as a community must invest in our kids. You are greatly appreciated


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